Modular, Stainless Steel Conveyors Tripod EXPT Robot Basket-Tray-Handling-2


ms_profiles Light-duty guide rollers RL ms_profiles Precision guide PF with toothed belt drive ms_profiles Heavy-duty guide rollers RS with toothed belt drive

Our unique range of advanced, precision engineered linear handling units combine proven technology with the flexibility to create sophisticated component and product movement, handling and positioning systems.

Designed for ease of installation and maintenance, our linear handling units are simple to integrate with our full range of modular frameworks and conveyor equipment to create single and multi-axis motions.

LS RL light duty guide rollers

The LS RL roller guide system is suitable for loads of up to 18kg, making it the ideal technical and commercial solution for lightweight positioning and handling requirements.

LS PF precision guide

The LS PF precision guide is designed to provide high levels of accuracy and repeatability in systems where loads of up to 170kg need to be moved and positioned.

LS RS heavy duty guide rollers

The LS RS roller guide system is intended for high speed applications where heavy loads of up to 350kg have to be handled, with the use of specially profiled rollers being able to withstand high axial and radial loads.

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