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The extension group of PS Protection Systems provides a comprehensive, overall concept for guards and partition walls. It offers a simple means of tailoring protection at the workplace to meet statutory requirements.  The flexible modular system allow you to modify or extend guards in any way you wish. All profiles and joints from the MS basic systems can be used to produce framed structures. These can be supplemented by special frame profiles and relevant accessory components. Depending on the application, different infills can be used.

Our range of modular safety walls, partitions, guarding and noise reduction systems has been developed to offer the best combination of lineside protection for both equipment and employees, helping to minimise the risk of accidents while improving overall productivity.

In particular, the latest modular protection system technology offers:

  • Simple, flexible construction
  • Easy re-configuration and upgrading
  • Wide choice of standard units and accessories, including lock kits, hinges, gaskets, pressure plates, and vertical and horizontal sliding doors and guards
  • Compliance with health and safety legislation
  • Choice of units in kit form or preassembled for ease of installation.

For more information on out latest protection systems please go to our Download page.