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Autarky Automation Factory 1972


Don & Ann North founded the company in 1972


Working in the food industry - Don spotted that adding gelatine to pork pies by hand was slowing production, causing high wastage rates, with poor quality control.  


As a qualified design engineer, he set out to design a machine and manufacture a machine to inject gelatine automatically. 

The conservatory became the design studio,

and the garage a workshop.


With Don's wife Ann taking care of the finances - the Autarky Machine Co. Ltd. was born.

Autarky Definition.jpg
Autarky Automation First Machine

 Autarky's first manufacturing facility opened in Charlwood in 1973 and we haven't

looked back since.


Expanding into our current factory in East Grinstead and manufacturing various special purpose equipment, conveyors to injection machines - Autarky have a track record of designing and manufacturing

practical solutions 

for handling and automation problems.

In the 80's we were the first to develop a machine for putting bread into a basket automatically, along with the development of other complimentary equipment such as stackers, destackers etc.


This grew into turnkey solutions for handling dirty trays, tray storage systems, empty basket feeds, and stack handling systems to automate large plant bakeries.


Autarky were among the first in the industry to introduce Computer Aided Design and Software Control Systems. 

Autarky Personal Care Product Conveyor
Bread Basket Handling System

Our partnership with Schüco International added aluminium profile modular conveyors to the product portfolio and with our background in special purpose equipment we were able to provide design consultation, control systems, installation, software and commissioning.


In 2007 we changed the company name to Autarky Automation Ltd. to more accurately reflect the activities of the business.

Today, Don and Ann's sons - Brad and Stuart - run the company offering our customers solutions to their handling problems with a range of equipment from simple single conveyors, bespoke handling equipment to full turnkey automated systems.

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