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Balearm Closer & Crate Stacker

One of our recent Balearm Closers and Crate Stackers

The stacker has an integrated balearm closer, complete with balearm position detection. Each arm is scanned to ensure it is in the correct position before stacking and then rejected if it is unable to be stacked. An exit light guard system and interlocked doors allowing safe access into the equipment. The light guard enables the completed stacks to sent to the downstream equipment whilst the stacking operation is uninterrupted.

Basic Specification

Aluminum Construction (Stainless steel also available)

PLC Controlled

Fully Guarded

CE Marked

Output 1000 Crates per hour

Our range of Crate Destackers can be adapted to suit your specific requirements for tray types and speeds.

Please contact us on 01342 311388 or email with your enquiry.

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