New Tripod Robot is 3X Faster

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Autarky Automation will launch an innovative new Festo pick-and-place tripod robot at this year's Total Processing and Packaging exhibition. The new Tripod system is produced as a standard unit with conventional linear motion components; Autarky will integrate it into modular handling and automation systems for applications throughout industry.

In comparison with existing Cartesian or delta parallel kinematic robots, the new Tripod system is claimed to provide higher operating speeds, greater precision and can carry heavier payloads, yet is available at a competitive cost. In particular, the system can accelerate at 50m/s2, with speeds of 3m/s, while carrying loads of up to 5kg; this is, for example, three times faster than a Cartesian pick-and-place system, and gives a typical cycle time with a load of 1kg of just 1.0 second.

Unlike many competing systems, Autarky says the Tripod system has been designed so that only the essential operating components have to be moved, with motors and axes remaining static. This keeps the moving masses as low as possible, resulting in an extremely compact, stable and vibration-free construction.

Easy control, many options

In addition, the new system is available with a wide range of options drawn from Festo's existing product range, and can be control