Autarky Automation brings Unilever "The Lynx Effect"

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

A specially developed puck reject, return and storage system, designed and manufactured by Autarky Automation and based on Schuco modular conveyor components, is playing an important role in helping Unilever increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs.

Installed at Unilever's Home and Personal Care factory in Leeds, UK, the puck handling system forms part of an integrated high-speed filling, capping and labelling line used for a wide range of leading-brand roll-on deodorants that are sold throughout Europe.

These roll-on deodorants include brand names such as Dove, Sure, Impulse and Lynx and use Unilever's innovative design of inverted container, where the pack stands upright on the cap. This keeps the liquid deodorant permanently in contact with the dispensing ball and ensures that the product is always ready for use.