From 70 to 7 seconds - Wheel and Tyre Assembly gets the Autarky Automation "turbo boost"

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

A custom designed and engineered conveyor system, from Autarky Automation, is playing a key role in helping Tyre-Line, a supplier of wheel and tyre assemblies, boost productivity and quality.

Installed as part of major production line upgrade, along with a Hofmann high speed inflating machine, the new system has reduced assembly and inflation time by a factor of ten, from around 70 to just seven seconds.

Tyre-Line has been producing wheel and tyre assemblies for over 30 years, and supplies wheels for almost all applications, from garden tractors to high-performance sports cars, with the bulk of the company’s business being the supply of wheels for trailers and caravans. Managing Director, Edward Musson, explains: “Until recently, our assembly process was largely semi-automated. This was relatively slow and inflexible, which made it difficult to handle different sizes of wheels and tyres; due to its age, it had also become increasingly unreliable. With demand growing for our products we recognised that we had to take a fresh approach and contacted a number of potential suppliers, who we thought might be able to help us develop a suitable solution that matched our budget and specification, while future-proofing our business.