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High speed conveyor cuts noise by 50%

An innovative new conveyor system from Autarky Automation can significantly reduce factory noise levels, by up to 25%, when compared with conventional slat conveyors, helping manufacturing, process and packaging companies comply with the latest Control of Noise at Work Regulations. Just as importantly, the new conveyor system can run at speeds of up to 80m/minute, requires only minimal maintenance and is available at much lower cost than many of the existing market leading models.

The new conveyor system is called CS SL and incorporates a specially developed modular belt, with robust plastic interlocking finger-shaped sections that are connected by pin hinges. This simple yet effective arrangement offers a high load carrying capacity, of up to 200kg, is flexible, tough and lightweight, at just 1.0kg per metre of belt, and is simple to install and maintain.

The unique design of the Stretch Line SL belt system eliminates the hunting effect normally associated with traditional conveyor chains as they compress and expand; this is one of the main sources of conveyor noise, especially where chains pass around drive or idler wheels. Although this effect can be minimised by the use of cantenary mechanisms noise levels still remain high, typically exceeding 76db(A) at 40m/minute. By comparison, noise levels from the new CS SL conveyor are just 67dB(A) at 40m/minute, rising to 75db(A) at the maximum rated speed of 80m/minute.

Noise levels are reduced still further both by the use of specially developed belt drive and idler sections, with extended wear and sliding strips, and extruded aluminium profiles designed to guide and fully capture the belt; this also helps to eliminate the risk of damage to the belt and improves operator safety.

Operator safety is improved still further where the belt has to turn horizontally or vertically as the interlocking belt fingers do not protrude or create open joints, which could otherwise form pinch or trap points. Additionally, unlike traditional slat conveyors that generally stretch in the weeks following installation as they bed-in, requiring links to be removed at additional cost, the unique finger design of the Stretch Line SL means that any adjustments can be made during commissioning without the need for subsequent downtime.

The CS SL conveyor system is manufactured in Germany by Schüco Design, the industrial automation division of Schüco International KG, for which Autarky Automation is the exclusive UK distributor, and is available with a wide range of drive, guide and support components. Autarky Automation also provides a full line design, installation, commissioning and technical support services.

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