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The MTS-100.ALU (Mat-Top Straight) wide-belt conveyor system is
available in overall widths of 160 to 1230 mm (6”-48”)


Wider conveyor belts are on request. The smooth, finely meshed belt surface ensures flat and stable transportation of unit loads. If required, catch plates, brushes, pins or rollers can be inserted in the belt.


Common uses include:

Feeding, filling, packaging individual items and onward conveyance of bulk containers, cardboard boxes etc.

MTS 100 Modular Aluminium Conveyor

  • Max. load 250 kg

    Max. conveyor length 25 m - Standard Drive

    Max. conveyor length 15 m - Centre Drive

    Max. conveying speed 50 m/min

    For widths, please see conveyor Cross section - Dim B

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