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CS SL: chain conveyor system for maximum productivity

The new CS SL (Conveyor System Stretch Line) chain conveyor system is the innovative solution for conveying unit loads, such as bottles, cans, cardboard boxes and machine parts. 


 The newly designed conveyor chain produces the “Stretch Line” effect, which compensates for operation-related chain elongation. This obviates the need for the work-intensive process of shortening the chain.

Result: Greater production-line availability and reliability, increasing overall productivity. Conveyor efficiency is additionally enhanced as a result of reduced friction losses in the run of the line.

The patented chain design principle also permits very high conveying speeds with minimum noise emission.

Upshot: CS SL – the conveyor system of the future.

These are main advantages over other chain conveyor systems:

  • Overall widths of 65, 90 and 200 mm - for selection to suit application.
  • Variable line configuration - to serve any point in the room.
  • Small idler radii - minimising space required in production.
  • The conveyor chain’s patented design compensates for operation-related elongation, reducing down times to a minimum.
  • High operational reliability: reduced risk of crushing injury as a result of closed chains with very narrow gaps in drives and idlers.
  • Clip-on sliding strips ensure quiet, low-friction operation, even at full load.
  • High chain pulling forces - load loading capacity of up to 200 kg.
  • High guide profile rigidity - wide support intervals.
  • Conveying speed up to 80 m/min.
  • Recommended temperature range from -20 to +80°C.
  • Maintenance work kept to a minimum:
    no need to lubricate the chain.
    wear parts can be changed with ease.
  • Good resistance to chemicals as well as to liquids with a pH value of 4.5 to 9 (list on request).

To download our latest literature on the CS SL range of chain conveyors please click here.